Meet Kim


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Kim was born on the west coast and raised in the Midwest, where her love for writing was first ignited. Growing up, she inherited her artistic skills from her mother, who owned a successful greeting card business. After honing her skills as a hobby and side job, Kim decided to pursue her passion and become a full-time entrepreneur, like her mother.

     While earning her bachelor’s degree at The University of Houston, Kim began a side career as a freelance writer. She soon earned a reputation as a skilled and reliable ghostwriter, and her talent led to a steady flow of clients. In later years, she transitioned to a full-time copywriter and editor during the pandemic.

     Despite her success as a freelancer, Kim values the collaborative process of working with a team to refine and perfect ideas. She believes that her strong work ethic and talent for writing would be valuable assets to any organization. As she searches for a new professional opportunity, she is focused on finding a company that shares her dedication to hard work, attention to detail, and commitment to quality.

Kim Green

     When she’s not working, Kim channels her passion for writing into creating children’s books to promote self-confidence and strong moral values in her community. Her published works are a testament to her dedication to inspiring young minds and helping them grow into confident, empathetic individuals.

Books Authored By Kim

The Little Shadow That Could
The Little Shadow That Could 3D Book

Meet the Little Shadow, a small and delicate being fighting to pull itself out of a world shrouded in darkness. Tormented by self-doubt and loneliness, it feels like it’s fading away until a distant voice calls out, and the Little Shadow embarks on an incredible journey of self-discovery.

Where Is My Light?
Where Is My Light 3D Book

While stories may come and go, the fear of the dark is a reality experienced by many children alone. “Where Is My Light,” aims to help young readers overcome this fear through playful rhymes and simple illustrations.

Good Morning, Grace
Good Morning Grace 3D Book

A toddler starts the morning in mischief, and a graceful mama helps her learn along the way. With simple illustrations and playful wording, “Good Morning Grace” is a short story that readers will love.