"Good Morning Grace"

A toddler starts off the morning in mischief, and a graceful mama helps her learn along the way.

With playful wording and colorful illustration, Good Morning Grace is a short story readers of all ages will fall in love with.

*** Bonus  activity included – Giving Grace Journal for independent writing and illustrations!

“Where is My Light”

     A little boy has trouble going to bed alone at night. He fears the unknown and unseen imaginings within the darkness. Knowing light takes away the darkness, he searches for it. Instead of finding comfort in a well-lit room, he finds comfort through the power of prayer.

     Through simple illustration, playful rhyming, and a focused based color scheme, Where Is My Light offers young readers exploratory methods from an inspirational outlook on the power of prayer.

***Bonus Activity Included – Related bible scriptures and personal prayers journal.

Upcoming book:

Crossing Borders with your Significant Other

Spring 2023