About The Author

Kim Green is a believer, mother, wife, sister, friend, mentor.

     Although earning a bachelor’s degree in Public Health, her interest expanded from hands-on care to emotional self-care when creating a family unit. Living as an expatriate and experiencing various cultures and languages helped her find her true passion in writing. 

     It began with self-care affirmations and inspirational stories to instill positivity and encouragement. She mentally and spiritually equipped her family and herself to handle everyday stressors in a well-conditioned manner. She continues to spread enriching values she found beneficial to her surrounding family and friends.

     She wants nothing more than to leave a legacy of helping and impacting others, especially children and mothers, whom she relates to most. Kim, like most mothers, is a jack of all trades; a family chef, caretaker, counselor, laundry master, cleaner, educator, chauffeur, financial advisor, herbal enthusiast, and so much more. When she is not traveling the world or grounding herself on a new craft, you can find her in Texas, soaking up the sun and enjoying southern comfort foods.

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