is a believer, mother, wife, sister, friend, mentor and more.

 Although earning a bachelor’s degree in Public Health, her interest expanded from hands-on care to remote assistance when creating a family unit. Living as an expatriate and experiencing various cultures helped Kim evolve her passion for helping people.

     Naturally, she transitioned as a freelancer into business consultations, assisting businesses in growth. Kim recognizes that the foundation of business is practical communication and knowledge of a target audience. Thus, teaching effective communication strategies and techniques beyond business that are vital to anyone’s success.

    Kim, like most mothers, is a jack of all trades; a family chef, caretaker, counselor, laundry master, cleaner, educator, chauffeur, financial advisor, herbal enthusiast, and so much more. You can find her in Texas, soaking up the sun and enjoying southern comfort foods when she is not traveling the world or grounding herself in a new craft. She plans to leave a legacy of helping and positively influencing others.

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