“Life is not about achieving success; life is about unfolding yourself.” 

― Debasish Mridha



I came, I wrote, I conquered … now what?

     If you think about it, we all have many achievements under our belts. From early on, triumphs in life were so immeasurable at that moment but now a distant memory where the feeling of success is long forgotten; talking, walking, riding a bike. To present-day achievements in our life journey, the feeling still lingers; giving birth, marriage, buying your first home.  I have come to realize each achievement grants its own emotional sensation—an exhilarating rush.  You put your mind to doing something, and at first, it is so hard to get through. There are many loopholes and learning curves, but then boom, there’s light. You see the end and dash to it with such a force that your numb once the race is won. What’s next? 

That is the question to always ask yourself after the euphoria of achievement has subsided. 

So, what is next for me

Well, as DJ Khaled would simply put it,


      I have a passion for writing, and why stop when I just got started sharing my own content. I have prayed for the Lord to open doors meant for me to walk through and close those not for me. A path before me so clear that I couldn’t miss it if I tried, and that is next level. Working towards unfolding the layers of myself I never dared to look into before. Achieving success was never the end goal, It was the challenges I set up against myself that push me into growth. 

     I played scenarios in my head of the whole process of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing a book before I had even put pen to paper. I imagined all the adverse outcomes, those which left me in fear or even starting, but in turn, I have found the exact opposite. It was hard, do not get me wrong, but so was living in a dream’s guilt and frustration. When dreams become a reality, you break down barriers you set up against yourself. By unleashing my fears, I gained power over myself. I can, I did, I will keep challenging myself and embrace the change along the way. I encourage you to do so too. Don’t just run the race to win; winning the race against yourself is the real prize. 

Love and light,


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