The Beginning.

“R.I.P to the opportunities that have passed because of shyness and low self-esteem”

– (unknown) Internet 

     I saw this quote come across my timeline and it couldn’t have spoken more truth to me. I am in a growth phase where some doors are closing, and others are being opened. I have finally found something in which I love and began a journey of creating a business out of it.  Four years ago, I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life. Continue my education and career in a field I had been working towards since childhood or support my husband’s dream, as well as our value in keeping the family together no matter where life took us. My husband gave me full support regardless of the outcome. We would try our best to make it work and reevaluate if needed.

     Being a middle child in a big family (eight kids) provided me with plenty of occasions to care for others, so much so that I developed that as a strong character trait. I enjoyed making sure my little brothers and sisters were safe or being able to help get them dressed, fed, and off to school. Lord knows my mother was thankful for the help as well. She would always give me the positive praise a child yearns for in their earlier years, and my siblings would voice their appreciation for me as well. This positive praise and amazing feeling that came from helping others grew into a passion. I was going to help others. I was going to be a nurse. I would tell everyone; I am going to save lives and help others every day. It was a realistic dream. In school I worked hard at my grades and even took college credit my senior year to earn my certification as a nurse aid. When I transitioned to college it was a no brainer; continue my path to nursing. Who would have known having my own family would change my mind after years visualizing becoming a nurse? 

     My decision was sincere and satisfying. I switched my degree to health and enrolled in online classes before leaving for Belgium that summer. I had son and husband; they were my answer. My daily help for them, though challenging, was the most gratifying services I have ever done. To break us apart for a goal I had set for myself as a child would have been a regrettable decision made. Yes, opportunities came and went but my true purpose stood before me. 

     After years of self-reflecting, I found myself yearning for a greater outreach. No, not nursing or any healthcare field; the Ebola scare reassured me of that. This time it was to be able to help others the same way I help my own family. Like the little life hacks you find and pass along to your friends. The things which help make living this life easier. So, I became a ghost writer; helping others bring their ideas to life through words. I enjoyed my behind-the-scenes position to build up my own courage in creativity. And here we are my fellow readers. Me, writing out loud, pouring out my emotions as if we were longtime friends. I love it, I love this. After all those years of thinking so complex about my passion it was so simple; help others without hurting yourself. 

     Whatever is holding you back don’t think of it as a brick wall. It’s not stopping you it is yielding your growth for the next chapter. Do not dread over opportunities that were once present because there will be more, and you will be ready. When it’s time to spread your wings and fly it won’t be forced and you will soar! Follow my journey into Author-hood, and please feel free to reach out to me; I am an open door and always happy to help.


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